Friends of FIRE

Volunteer with Us! Join Friends of FIRE (FOF)

Volunteering for The FIRE Foundation is one of the best ways to support our mission.

Who Can Volunteer?

Friends of FIRE is composed of community members who value inclusive education and are dedicated to raising funds, building awareness, and expanding inclusive education initiatives within their parish communities and the Diocese of Dallas. Membership is open to everyone who believes in FIRE’s mission and wishes to offer time and resources to support inclusive Catholic education. Additionally, all parents whose children benefit from FIRE funding are asked to participate. Friends of FIRE members are CHAMPIONS OF INCLUSION.

What Do Volunteers Do?

  • Assist with events and fundraising initiatives
  • Share information about resources that promote student learning and family success
  • Spread the mission of FIRE at their home parish–even if the parish school is not yet a FIRE partner school

Partner Schools

The FIRE Foundation request the support of all parents of children benefiting from Foundation support to be members of “Friends of FIRE” to assure the continued partnership of parish schools and foundation.

  • A Friend of FIRE Liaison is appointed to serve as a link from the Foundation to each FIRE partner school
  • Friends of FIRE meetings are scheduled throughout the school year to share information and to promote connections among families

Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering with FIRE Foundation of Dallas, please submit an application (coming soon). A member of the organization will be in touch soon.